Who is Ben Deckey?

Ben Deckey's entrepreneurial journey, from his roots in Yuma, Arizona, to his tech-driven ventures, culminated in the creation of Cherry Assistant in collaboration with DJ Kim. Ben's diverse experiences, including coding, consulting, and web3 explorations, paved the way for this innovative platform. Cherry Assistant, led by Ben as the CTO, focuses on curating specialized virtual assistants to empower small and medium-sized businesses, breaking barriers in business support and offering tools previously accessible only to larger companies.

Decoding Ben Deckey's Entrepreneurial Journey: From Southwest Roots to Cherry Assistant

In the world of American startups, where new businesses sprout like wildflowers, Ben Deckey's story is one of twists, turns, and a passion for changing the game. As the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and one of the founders of Cherry, Ben belongs to a rare group of leaders who aren't just upgrading old systems but are shaking up the whole business scene.

A Kid from Yuma

Ben Deckey's journey began in the sunny fields of Yuma, Arizona. Working hard in the soil shaped his early years, making him tough and determined. These challenging days formed the character that he carries with him today.

His determination has deep roots, connected to his love for the balance between science and nature. Yuma's tough agricultural life became the starting point for Ben's life story, setting the tone for what would come next.

Before starting college at Brown University, Ben spent some time in Spain. This experience added a worldly touch to his life, broadening his perspective. The mix of small-town toughness and exposure to the world became the foundation for what was ahead—a dive into the vast world of technology.

The combination of Yuma's hardworking spirit and the broader view from Spain shaped Ben in a unique way. It was a blend of practical hands-on work and a global outlook needed to navigate the complexities of the tech world.

Entering Brown University, these early experiences became the base for his academic and professional journey. The mix of small-town roots, global experiences, and a natural interest in the connection between science and nature paved the way for Ben Deckey to become a pioneer in the worlds of entrepreneurship and technology.

College Days and the Call of Coding

Ben Deckey's college adventure kicked off at Brown University, where he first tilted toward applied Math. Yet, fate had a different plan for him. The magnetic pull of coding grabbed his attention. "Building something from nothing with just an idea," he recalls, signaling the start of his deep exploration into the world of zeros and ones. His early college days were just the beginning of an exciting coding journey.

As he ventured into graduate studies at Brown, Ben didn't just sharpen his technical skills; he also honed his values and vision. His mission was clear: to simplify life and enhance human connections through user-friendly interfaces. In simple terms, he wanted to make things easier and more enjoyable for people. This chapter of his academic journey laid the foundation for the tech trailblazer he would become.

Turning Code into Business: Ventures Begin

As Ben Deckey stepped into the professional world, he set sail into unknown waters. Starting from working at a Mediterranean restaurant to internships in cybersecurity and business technology, each job added a piece to the puzzle of his entrepreneurial self.

The big turning point came with PropertyWatchers, an app he created to manage properties. This marked just the beginning of a string of business ventures. His dive into web3, where he took on roles as a contract engineer and consultant, resulted in applications that analyzed transactions for taxes and created forums for crypto and investment discussions.

Collaborating with Puma Projects, teaming up with a DJ, creating and selling Dataghost, and launching How2Chat—a forum for talking about AI—all came next. Each venture left its mark, creating a sequence of success that built up like a beautiful symphony.

Cherry Assistant: A Chance Meeting, A Bold Vision

In 2022, something special happened for Ben Deckey – he met DJ Kim while both were helping out in similar roles. They clicked instantly, sharing a love for starting businesses and skills that complemented each other. Together, they noticed a problem in how small businesses get help, and that's when the idea for Cherry Assistant was born.

DJ, with his executive skills, and Ben, with his tech know-how, made a perfect team. They weren't just dreaming the same dream; they were committed to making business support easy for everyone. Ben says, "I did not know what I wanted to do when I got to college," but teaming up with DJ helped him see a clear vision of making business services fair for everyone.

Cherry Assistant: Breaking Barriers in Business Support

Ben Deckey, along with DJ Kim, started something pretty special in 2023—Cherry Assistant. It's not your usual startup; it's more like a proof that today's tech tools can make things easier for small and medium businesses. Cherry is like a hub where all kinds of skills come together to support these smaller businesses.

On Cherry, they carefully choose and improve specialized assistants that can do over a hundred different business tasks. Imagine it like turning a solo entrepreneur into a business powerhouse. It gives them the help they need whenever they need it, just like the big companies get. Cherry's goal is simple: make sure small businesses have the same tools as the big guys, breaking through any limits they might have.

Executive Focus: Nurturing Talent, Ensuring Quality

Since the beginning, Ben has been the driving force behind Cherry. As the Co-Founder and CTO, he's obsessed with making sure the platform's talent fits each member's unique needs. "I'm a nerd too," he jokes, showing his commitment to staying updated on AI and software industries.

Cherry's thorough evaluation and matching process guarantees every member gets a virtual assistant tailored just for them. Ben's commitment to excellence turns automation into real force multiplication.

The Road Ahead: A Bright Future

Looking forward, Cherry, led by Ben Deckey and DJ Kim, promises an exciting journey. Ben, reflecting on their path, emphasizes the confidence that comes from combining knowledge and perseverance. "With DJ's know-how and perseverance," he says, "I have all the confidence needed to build and grow whatever we set our minds to."

For these two pioneers who refuse to stick to the usual, the transformation of business services is an ongoing story. As they continue to shape Cherry Assistant's narrative, we can't help but be excited about the future they see—one where small businesses stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the big ones.

In the big picture of American entrepreneurship, Ben Deckey's story is one of innovation, determination, and a deep belief in tech's power to uplift. Cherry Assistant isn't just their success story; it's a guide for others navigating the challenges of business support. Ben's executive brilliance leaves a lasting mark, and the crescendo of his journey echoes through the entrepreneurial landscape.To learn more about how Virtual Assistants can help your business, book a call with us. Our first consultation is always free.

To learn more about how Virtual Assistants can help your business, book a call with us. Our first consultation is always free.

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January 23, 2024
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