Who are the founders of Cherry?

In the world of entrepreneurship, DJ Kim and Ben Deckey have collaborated to create Cherry Assistant, a platform that redefines virtual assistance. DJ Kim's journey began at Dartmouth College, marked by innovative ventures like Tandem and RevGenius, while Ben Deckey's tech prowess and entrepreneurial spirit shaped his path. Cherry Assistant is the result of their harmonious partnership, offering meticulous screening and curated talent to transform the landscape of virtual assistance, making it more accessible and efficient for businesses.

DJ Kim and Ben Deckey: Crafting the Tale of Cherry Assistant

In the ever-evolving world of innovation and entrepreneurship, two visionaries have emerged, conducting a symphony of success that resonates across the business landscape. DhungJoo "DJ" Kim and Ben Deckey, the masterminds behind Cherry Assistant, aren't just founders; they are the architects of a transformative journey that has reshaped the realm of virtual assistance.

DJ Kim: The Maestro of Unconventional Entrepreneurship

DJ Kim's entrepreneurial journey began amidst the ivy-covered walls of Dartmouth College, where he orchestrated a unique blend of studio art and engineering. It wasn't the typical academic tale; instead, it was a vibrant narrative of bridging the gap between the analytical and the artistic, a theme that permeated his subsequent ventures.

The opening movement of DJ's entrepreneurial symphony unfolded with Tandem, a mobile carpooling app that thrust him into the spotlight, securing an impressive $250K in seed funding during his freshman year. Academic achievements, such as the Academic Citation in Industrial Ecology and Sculpture, showcased the multifaceted brilliance of a mind unbounded by convention.

Beyond academia, DJ's commitment to civil rights and social action was evident as a Board Member in the Committee on Standards at Dartmouth. His dedication to integrity and fairness echoed through his adjudication of cases involving academic and community infractions.

The journey continued with triumphs at the Brown Datathon 2019, where DJ's team crafted a machine learning model bridging valuation gaps in real estate. Ventures like Tandem Softwares and Dirtymouth Apparel weren't just startups; they were canvases where DJ painted narratives of innovation, securing exits and leaving an indelible mark on the entrepreneurial canvas.

The melody of DJ's narrative continued with the founding of KiwiWriter, an exploration into AI-powered blog generation and content management. It was a testament to staying at the forefront of innovation, empowering individuals and businesses to craft compelling narratives in the digital realm.

DJ's entrepreneurial crescendo reached new heights with DataGhost, a startup acquired by LeadMagic in 2023, marking his first exit. Co-founding RevGenius, the world's largest sales community, exemplified DJ's commitment to community-led learning and redefining the sales profession.

And then, in July 2023, DJ took the stage once again, founding Cherry Assistant. More than just a virtual assistant company, Cherry Assistant emerged as a platform democratizing access to premium remote talent. DJ's vision was clear—to fundamentally transform what a single founder or a small team could achieve.

Ben Deckey: The Tech Virtuoso and Entrepreneurial Alchemist

Ben Deckey, a name synonymous with tech prowess and entrepreneurial alchemy, commenced his journey in the sun-drenched fields of Yuma, Arizona. The soil of hard work shaped his early years, instilling in him a determination that would become the backbone of his entrepreneurial ventures.

Before donning the cap and gown at Brown University, Ben's worldly detour in Spain broadened his perspectives. The blend of small-town tenacity and global exposure set the stage for Ben's academic and professional exploration.

College days at Brown saw Ben initially leaning towards applied Math, but the magnetic allure of coding redirected his course. The thrill of building something from nothing became the anthem of his coding journey. Graduate studies weren't just about technical skills for Ben; they were about infusing values and vision into the digital realm.

Ben's professional journey unfolded with ventures like PropertyWatchers, web3 explorations, collaborations with Puma Projects, and the creation and sale of Dataghost. Each endeavor added a layer to the mosaic of success, building up into a beautiful entrepreneurial symphony.

In 2023, serendipity intervened as Ben met DJ Kim, and the sparks of collaboration ignited. Their shared love for starting businesses and complementary skills paved the way for Cherry Assistant. For Ben, it wasn't about knowing what he wanted to do when he got to college; it was about collaborating with DJ to make business services fair for everyone.

Cherry Assistant: The Harmonic Convergence of DJ and Ben

Cherry Assistant, born out of the harmonic convergence of DJ Kim and Ben Deckey, is not just a virtual assistant company; it's a testament to the fusion of art and technology, determination and vision. In 2023, the founders took a leap, creating a platform that carefully curated and improved specialized assistants capable of handling over a hundred different business tasks

The partnership between DJ and Ben was more than a collaboration; it was a fusion of executive prowess and tech acumen. DJ's experience in entrepreneurship and community building, coupled with Ben's coding virtuosity and knack for turning ideas into profitable ventures, created a synergy that propelled Cherry Assistant beyond the realms of conventional virtual assistance.

Cherry Assistant, with its meticulous screening, extensive training, and emphasis on culture fit, set a new standard in the virtual assistant landscape. The platform, driven by DJ's commitment to transforming the capabilities of small teams, became a force multiplier for businesses.

In the grand narrative of Cherry Assistant, the keywords resound—virtual assistant company, an entity that transcends the mundane, democratizing access to premium remote talent. The careful curation of talent and the commitment to excellence ensure that Cherry Assistant isn't just a platform; it's a game-changer.

The Ongoing Symphony: Future and Beyond

As DJ and Ben continue to shape the narrative of Cherry Assistant, the promise of the future unfolds. The symphony of their journey echoes through the entrepreneurial landscape, leaving an indelible mark on the canvas of American innovation.

For these virtuosos, Cherry Assistant is more than a success story; it's a guide for others navigating the complexities of business support. The transformation of business services is an ongoing saga, and as the crescendo of Cherry Assistant reverberates, small businesses stand shoulder-to-shoulder with their more substantial counterparts.

In the grand picture of American entrepreneurship, the duo of DJ Kim and Ben Deckey is an anthem of innovation, determination, and the transformative power of collaboration. Cherry Assistant isn't just a platform; it's a testament to what can be achieved when visionary minds converge to redefine the landscape of virtual assistance.

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DhungJoo Kim
January 23, 2024
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